Pet Memorial Lantern Keepsake

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Personalized Pet Memorial Lanterns 🐾: Light up your pet’s memory with our beautifully crafted, laser-cut wooden lanterns. Personalized for cat or dog memorials, complete with pawprints, hearts, and an LED candle.


Personalized Pet Memorial Lanterns: A Warm Tribute to Your Furry Companion 🐾

Illuminate the memory of your beloved pet with our Personalized Pet Memorial Lanterns. Beautifully laser-cut and designed, these wooden lanterns serve as a heartfelt keepsake for cat or dog memorials, adorned with pawprints and hearts.

Each lantern is crafted with:

  • Custom Design: Laser-cut with pawprints and hearts, these lanterns add a personalized touch to any memorial.🐾❤️
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made of wood, each lantern is meticulously sanded and painted with your color choice for a refined finish.
  • Color Options: Customize your lantern with a choice of White, Turquoise Blue, Dark Oak, or Rustic Red. 🎨
  • LED Candle: Each order comes with an LED candle, adding a warm, comforting glow to your tribute.
  • Two Sizes Available: We offer two sizes to suit your needs. The small measures at Height 6″ x Width 4.5 x Depth 4.5, and the large at Height 9.75″ x Width 8.25″ x Depth 8.25″.

📝Note: Upon purchase, please select your color and size preference.

Our Personalized Pet Memorial Lanterns are more than just decor pieces; they’re a heartwarming symbol of the love and companionship shared with your pet. Choose our lanterns as a thoughtful keepsake or a comforting gift to someone who has lost their beloved pet. 🕯️❤️

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Dark Oak, Red, Turquoise, White




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