Dog Jerky Treat | 100% NATURAL Organic

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#1 Healthy Pet Treat on the Market

Sourced using 100% Organic USDA Approved ingredients. Guilt Free Healthy Snack

  • Premium 93% Lean Beef
  • Organic Bananas
  • Organic Peanut Butter (No Additives)
No additives or preservatives, 100% Natural


Customer Reviews

“Not sure who loves them more, cats or dogs”
“Our dogs go CRAZY for snack time”
“My cat never likes treats, but loves these”

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This product is a healthy alternative to low quality name brand snacks currently on the market.

Quality tested and loved by both cats and dogs. Nutrition is the key to maintain a healthy heart and lifestyle. Our pets depend on us, to provide a healthy diet.

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Dog Jerky Treat | 100% NATURAL Organic
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