Pet Memorial Keepsake for Hair

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Personalized Wooden Heart Box: A Treasured Keepsake for Your Beloved Pet 🐾

Celebrate the bond you share with your beloved pet with our exquisitely crafted, personalized wooden heart box. Designed to securely hold a cherished lock of pet hair or fur, this keepsake box is a poignant tribute to your furry, feathery, or even scaly family member, be they a cat 🐱, dog 🐶, goat 🐐, guinea pig 🐹, or horse 🐴.

What makes this keepsake box special:

  • Choose Your Color: Add a pop of personality to your keepsake box with our color options. Choose from classic white ⚪, vibrant turquoise blue 🔵, or warm, welcoming red 🔴, each adding a unique touch to your keepsake.
  • Customizable Name: Make your box truly unique by adding your pet’s name. Personalized inscriptions transform the box into an intimate reminder of your pet.✍️
  • Built-In Magnetic Clasp: Each box is carefully designed with a built-in magnetic clasp that ensures the box stays closed, safeguarding your treasured memento.

Our personalized wooden heart box is a testament to the love you share with your pet. Handmade with meticulous care, each box is not just a keepsake, but a heartfelt homage to your special bond.

📝Note: Upon purchase, kindly send us your color preference and the name of your pet for customization.

Secure a tangible memory of your pet in this unique, personalized heart box, and keep their spirit close, always.❤️

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Box dimensions: 3.8″wide x3.5″ tall, 1.5″ Depth.


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