Pet Urn Memorial | Cat & Dog Ashes Box Picture Urn | Personalized Cremation Urn

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Honor your beloved pet with our Personalized Wooden Pet Urn🌈🐾. Featuring a free photo of your pet, custom name engraving, and a heartfelt quote. Suitable for small or large pets up to 100lbs, with hidden ash compartment. Secure checkout, fast shipping, and ongoing support. Handcrafted with love, for a lasting memory!

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At PrimaBreed, we deeply understand the emotional bond between you and your furry friend. To honor this special relationship, we offer you our high-quality, beautifully crafted Personalized Wooden Pet Urn.

🔸 Features:

  1. 📸 Free Picture of Your Pet: Each urn comes with a beautiful picture of your pet included, keeping their memory vivid and close to your heart.
  2. 🖋️ Custom Name Engraving: Each urn is custom engraved with your pet’s name, marking their everlasting presence in your life.
  3. 💬 Personalized Quote: Choose a special quote that resonates with your bond with your pet, and we’ll intricately engrave it onto the urn.
  4. ⚱️ Hidden Ash Compartment: Each urn comes with a discreet ash compartment, making it an elegant and respectful memorial for your beloved pet.
  5. 📏 Suitable for Pets Up to 100lbs: The urn’s dimensions of 6.7″ x 4.3″ x 5.5″ (providing 158.455 cubic inches of space) make it suitable for small to large pets up to 100lbs.

At PrimaBreed, we offer secure checkout, fast shipping, and personal assistance throughout the ordering process. Our memorials are crafted with love and respect, offering you a way to keep your pet’s memory alive.

Order today and let us help create a lasting tribute to your beloved pet, made with love from PrimaBreed.

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